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Catalog Number 1949.00109.083
Title Salem Baptist Church, Frederick Co.-Minute Book Abstracts, 1810-1843
Scope & Content Salem Baptist Church-Clarke Co.-Minutes [transcript only], 1810-1843-Most members had been members of either Bethel or Buck Marsh Baptist Churches. Names cataloged. Includes memberships, baptisms, deaths, transfers from various churches, transfers to new places, & complaints before the congregation. The congregation is both black & white. There is even mention in the minutes of slave marriages or dissolutions, freedoms & emigration to Liberia.
Date 1810-1843
Object Name typescript
Status OK
Collection Churches
People Alexander, Polly
Anderson, David (Free Negro)
Anderson, Rebecca (Free Negro)
Barnet, ???? (Brother)
Bell, Jane Ann (Mrs.)
Benson, Esabella (Mrs.)
Blakemore, Eliza
Blakemore, Elizabeth W.(Mrs.)
Bourn, Jane
Bowrne, William
Brit, ??? (Sister)
Brooke, Ann
Brooke, Humphrey
Brooke, Sarah
Brown, John
Brown, Milly
Buck, Samuel
Buck, Thomas
Calmes, Jane (Mrs.)
Carper, Mary Louthan
Carter, Ann
Carter, E. (Mrs.)
Castleman, Lucinda (Mrs.)
Catlett, Betsy
Catlett, Henrietta
Catlett, Mariam
Chapman, Jacob
Compton, Lucinda
Cotes, Lucy
Cunningham, Charles (Mrs.)
Cunningham, William
Dawson, ____(Brother)
Dickinson, Peter
Dickion, Peter
Doctor, George
Doctor, Lucy Ann
Drake, Francis (Mrs.)
Drake, Samuel
Drake, Sarah
Elgin, Mr. & Mrs.
Fristoe, William Rev.)
Glass, Elizabeth (Mrs.)
Greenlee, Ann
Greenlee, John
Hampton, Frances
Harper, William
Harris, Charles
Helm, Albert
Helm, Ann
Helm, Nancy
Helm, P. N.
Helm, Presley
Helm, William
Helm, William
Hite, Matthais
Hopper, ????(Brother)
Howard, Sally Drake
Jackson, Jane (Page)
Jenkins, Goin (Free Negro)
Kercheval, ___(Sister)
Kerfoot, Ann
Kerfoot, Nancy
Knight, Eliza (Mrs.)
Knight, Mary 'Molly'
Lee, Jove (Lauck)
Leewright, ????(Brother)
Louthan, George
Louthan, Lucy
Louthan, Mary
Louthan, Phebe (Mrs.)
Masie, ???? (O'Connor)
Masie, Jesse
May, John
McCormick, Isaac
McCormick, Margaret
McDonald, Elleher
McDonald, James
Meetz, ___(Sister)
Mitchell, Nancy
Moon, Henry
Nasmith, Jesse
Negro ??? (Woodrow)
Negro ???(Bell)
Negro ???(Helm's)
Negro ???(Helm)
Negro Ann (Knight)
Negro Baber (Burwell)
Negro Beckie (Helm)
Negro Betsy (McCormick)
Negro Bob
Negro Bob (Page)
Negro Caroline (Page)
Negro Clarissa
Negro Daniel (Page)
Negro Daniel (Page)
Negro Dinah(Bell)
Negro Dolphin (Carter)
Negro Elijah
Negro Fanny (Kerfoot)
Negro Fanny (Page)
Negro Fide (Helm)
Negro Harry (Burwell)
Negro Henry (Smith)
Negro Jane
Negro Jerse (Helm)
Negro Joel (Page)
Negro John (Cramer)
Negro Judy (Page)
Negro Lucinda (Free Negro)
Negro Man (Rust)
Negro Maria
Negro Mary (Burwell)
Negro Mima (Helm)
Negro Miriah (Page)
Negro Moses(Helm)
Negro Nancy (Free Negro)
Negro Nelly (Page)
Negro Peggy (Bell)
Negro Pehaby (Page)
Negro Phebe
Negro Ralph (Pierce)
Negro Rebecca (Smith)
Negro Rose (Free Negro)
Negro Ruth (Page)
Negro Ruth (to Liberia)
Negro Sarah (Free Negro)
Negro Sarah (Mitchell)
Negro Tom
Negro Venie (Burwell)
Negro William (Helm)
Negro woman (Creigler)
Page, Ann (Mrs.)
Page, Judith
Pierce, Lydia
Pierce, Mary (Mrs.)
Pierce, Michael
Pierce, Paul
Pierce, Polly
Pierce, Sarah
Pollard, George
Potter, Charles
Potter, George (Byrd)
Reynolds, George
Robinson, Jonathan
Shaw, Ann (Brooke)
Smith, Henry
Smith, Lewis A.
Smith, Lewis A. (Mrs.)
Smith, William
Sowers, Catherine
Sowers, Jacob
Sowers, James
Sowers, John
Sowers, William
Stark, Daniel
Strange, Stephen (Page)
Tanquary, Walter
Thornton, ____(Negro)
Toler, Mrs.
Tolor, Henry
Watkins, Isham
Weedon, Richard (Free Negro)
Whiting, Thomas
Whittsey, ????(Brother)
Search Terms African-American History
Free Blacks
Year Range from 1810
Year Range to 1843